Sales Department (
MARGILGOMMA is a modern, dynamic company that puts customer service first. The use of the very latest IT systems provides sales staff with a constantly updated picture of orders, thus enabling them to communicate with customers in a rapid, precise manner, and to satisfy their requirements in real time.

Technical Department (
Our technical department plans product specifications, moulding details and the specifications of the materials to be used, together with the customer, in order that the end product fully satisfies the required standards. The moulds are designed with the aid of the very latest technology (CAD, two/three-dimensional, etc.), and their manufacture is outsourced to specialised, certified suppliers.

Quality Control Department (
The quality control department controls the production process of each individual item, analysing and formalising all stages of the process performed within the company: the department’s controls begin with the receipt of raw materials in the laboratory, through the various stages of the moulding process, and end with the selection and shipment of goods, after they have been checked to ensure they conform to the required quality standards.