Rubber material processing for the automotive and earthmoving machinery industries.

Careful and constant monitoring of production phases allows MARGILGOMMA to use top quality materials to supply companies in the automotive industry with components produced to customer designs. Workpieces can be completed with logos and lettering as the precision of our technology can guarantee perfect readability of even raised parts.

In the automotive sector, MARGILGOMMA manufactures components for motor vehicles, earth moving machines and tractors.

A few examples of rubber and elastomer items of our manufacture for the automotive industry

Vibration dampers - Gaskets - Bellows - Pads - Sealing rings - Belts and cable glands - License plate supports - Tank couplings - Wiring harnesses - Components and finishes for scooters and motor vehicles - Pedals - Sleeves - Chain tensioning sprockets - Braking system gaiters- Double lip caps - Hollow caps - Bushings - Manifolds.

Table of materials used

Chemical terminology Code Trade name Use timeframe Hardness Use
Natural rubber NR natural rubber - 70°C ÷ + 80°C 22 SH ÷ 90 SH Seals, membranes, belts, bumpers, rollers, wheels, bellows, suction cups, sleeves, etc.
Butadiene Styrene copolymer SBR styrolic - 40°C ÷ + 100°C 42 SH ÷ 92 SH Seals, bumpers, belts, sleeves, etc.
Butadiene Acrylonitrile copolymer NBR nitrile or oil resistant - 40°C ÷ + 130°C 30 SH ÷ 92 SH Oil rings, gaskets, bellows, rollers, bushings, membranes, valves, suction cups, etc.
Polychloroprene CR neoprene - 20°C ÷ + 120°C 40 SH ÷ 85 SH Pipes, membranes, gaskets, supports for bridges and construction, suction cups, etc.
Ethylene Propylene Copolymer EPM dutral - 90°C ÷ + 140°C 40 SH ÷ 90 SH Gaskets and pads for construction applications, expansion joints for bridges and viaducts, sleeves, etc.
Ethylene Propylene Terpolymer EPDM terpolymer - 80°C ÷ + 150°C 40 SH ÷ 90 SH See EPM applications, printing pads, printing rollers, etc.
Polydimethyl-siloxane VMQ silicone - 60°C ÷ + 200°C 30 SH ÷ 80 SH Seals for solid and liquid food containers, covers for pushbutton panels, special series at high temperatures up to 300 °, etc.
Fluoroelastomer FPM/FKM tetrafluoroethylene - hexafluoropropylene - 20°C ÷ + 280°C 55 SH ÷ 80 SH Highly qualified items for the mechanical, chemical, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
Polyurethanes PU vulkollan - adiprene - urepan - 30°C ÷ + 100°C 60 SH ÷100 SH Coatings of rollers, wheels, pulleys, etc.
Polyiepi-hydrochlorine CO herclor - 40°C ÷ + 160°C 30 SH ÷ 80 SH Gaskets for washing machines, refrigerators, cars, etc.

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