A unique production process

We use state-of-the-art machinery, the best raw materials and high-precision tailor-made processes to provide our customers with accurately designed and reliable rubber elements in fast turnaround times.


We use technically advanced presses to produce perfect pieces, both large and small sized, made of elastomers, elastomer + metal, and elastomer + plastic.

We use injection, compression and vacuum chamber presses; we use automatic, semi-automatic and manual finishing systems to ensure the best end result.

  • Margilgomma: your partner for the rubber components in your products

    Our production process, the result of over 50 years of industry-specific experience, guarantees excellent cost-efficiency for all our rubber part machining.
  • Analysis of customer requirements

    Analysis of each rubber component to be made and of the performance standards it must comply with.
  • Mould design and inspection

    Each mould is carefully designed, manufactured and checked using the most advanced digital technologies.
  • Choice of raw materials

    The choice of the elastomer to be used is made in agreement with the customer, based on the technical and mechanical characteristics required for the finished item
  • Production

    The injection or compression moulding and co-moulding of the different technical elastomer-based items built to our customer's design is carried out in our production plant in the Bologna area by dedicated, skilled personnel.
  • Finishing and deburring

    Trimming and deburring are procedures carried out to ensure that each rubber component is free from imperfections. These processes can be carried out mechanically or by hand, with cryogenic deburring or with the aid of semi-automatic machinery - depending on the characteristics of the moulded product.
  • Rubber accessories requiring special processing

    Our technologies allow us to carry out customised machining even on very small pieces that require a high degree of precision. We can print customised graphics by using screen printing for keyboard keys and sleeves. We also carry out assembly with other components.
  • Quality control

    Products are inspected by performing both a visual check and a test with digital and analog instruments. Chemical/physical evaluations and compound strength tests are also carried out.
  • Logistics

    After inspections, products are delivered to Customers as agreed in the shortest possible time.

Margilgomma: our figures

3,000 square metres of exhibition space and 8,200,000 workpieces produced every year