Margilgomma: your manufacturer of elastomer and rubber components

50 years of experience and reliability

Born in 1972 as a small-sized business, we have since grown to become leading manufacturers of technical items and rubber components, designed to respond to the highest standards of production excellence.

The benchmark supplier to manufacturers world-wide

MARGILGOMMA was able to secure a leading role in the rubber moulding sector, offering valuable solutions that combine the best quality standards, constant technological innovation and service modelled on the specific needs of each customer.

Our vision

State of the art tailored to each customer profile

We want to be the global benchmark manufacturers in terms of technical excellence, product quality and customer focus, for all businesses that need rubber products and components to achieve optimal business development.

Accuracy, compliance with delivery times, the ability to create added value are the distinctive features thanks to which we have become official suppliers to famous brands world-wide.

Our mission

Turn our partners' requests into results
  • Be able to effectively tune in to our Customers' needs and analyse them in order to understand each specific requirement.
  • Always respond to the required quality standards, ensuring highly efficient technological and production problem-solving within a broad range of entrepreneurial challenges.
  • Contribuire al successo dei nostri Clienti attraverso esperienza, professionalità e costante attitudine al problem solving.Contribute to the success of our customers through expertise, professionalism and a constant problem solving attitude

Our results

We are the official rubber moulding partner of international companies

Accuracy, reliability, timeliness, innovative technical solutions are some of our features particularly appreciated by our customers.
Today our rubber items are used to build products by prestigious brands, sold all over the world.


MARGILGOMMA can support its customers thanks to innovative technological solutions which can be used in many production sectors for a variety of applications. From the automotive to the motorcycling sector; from household appliances to plumbing and heating; from mechanics to hearing and medical equipment, MARGILGOMMA manufactures all types of technical rubber devices, offering service in line with the highest expectations of national and international client companies.

Application fields


Applying the high standards required by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 regulation, MARGILGOMMA makes use of strictly certified materials, in order to respond to market requirements in total safety.

MARGILGOMMA also boasts a moulding department consisting of horizontal and vertical injection presses and compression presses, with different closing power and surface dimensions.

Rubber and Elastomers